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ValleyOfSiyyon: Abhirupa by Acute-Satyriasis ValleyOfSiyyon: Abhirupa :iconacute-satyriasis:Acute-Satyriasis 67 3
My Special Sister part 10
My Special Sister (part 10)
Fiona mumbled, scared and wiggling herself towards the trunk of the tree from the high branch. She did her best remembering how cats got off trees; the idea just made her shudder. The ground seemed quite far from her, and it seemed to mover further away each second. The world started to spin as she imagined hopping off the tree.
A chill went down her back as her fur stood to its end.
“How do I get down?” She muttered. Her toes curled to unsheathing her recently claws, trying to grip tight to the bark.
“How do cats climb off trees?” She thought thought again. “Don’t they always need a firefighter to get me down? Mom will ground me if she finds out I just did this.”
She leaned over the edge again. All six of her limbs and her tail held onto the branch. She felt lightheaded. “Cats land always on their feet, right? Right?” She mewled, fidgeting.
“Nick will get mad at m
:iconmalagua:MaLAgua 15 13
Chapter4 Pt2: Battle of Ice Mountain
She awoke the next morning with the feelings lingering on, though it was Lana on watch, and not Tom. The young fox looked around nervously at the form of Sandra, the lidless eyes that stared around ceaselessly.
No wonder spiders have such a horrible reputation, Stacey thought. They are really a 'sleepless' menace.
She felt absurdly glad that Sandra had proven to be on their side, though tension remained with the group. Nothing she could do about that, she thought. It would be counter-productive: everyone would learn to trust Sandra or not. In the short term, it would keep them on alert in case she actually did try anything.
They broke camp and started the long slog up the mountain. The bright sunshine had driven all the rest of Cassandra's ilk to their cursed home, but the webs and deep tears in the dome had convinced them not to linger.
For several hours they followed the stream bed up towards the glistening peaks. They were balked only once by the sheer cliff face of a dry waterfall
:iconsnore23:snore23 1 2
Draconic - Chapter 9
Golden-amber eyes meet dark, deep green ones as our gazes connect. Time seems frozen as I stare into the eyes of my friend, her eyes widening as they are filled with a multitude of emotions. Confusion. Uncertainty. Surprise. Curiosity. Fear. Those and many more blend into her expression like a strange cocktail which doesn't really appear all that certain on what direction to go. She could just as well run as she could come closer. I simply do not know. Simultaneously, my own mind is in chaos, a jumble of thoughts flickering by in a chaotic, disorganized mess that makes them nigh-impossible to separate. My brain works on overdrive as it runs through every scenario, every possibility my imagination can get its hands on, only to throw away all the new data right at the moment when it realizes that I am in no fit state to receive it. Like a deer in headlights, I simply stare, neither of us taking action as our respective brains process each other's presence and attention, all the wh
:iconfwiffoforce:FwiffoForce 6 2
Smurf Sighting by NateHallinanArt Smurf Sighting :iconnatehallinanart:NateHallinanArt 2,615 362 Symbols and Spirits- Asrathian Pantheon by Reel123 Symbols and Spirits- Asrathian Pantheon :iconreel123:Reel123 4 12
The Fox Costume
A bitter wind whipped down from the mountains, sweeping
through thick, dark forests and over a raging river before howling through the
puny edifices of man that blazed in the dark like sparks from a fire. The wind
tore at the neat wooden houses and shrieked around fireplaces, taking away the
smoke from fires that burned in hearths to ward against the cold. Inside their
homes, families huddled around the fire, hoping to stay warm. No thermostat was
set below eighty, for the cold outside was more than enough to cool even the
warmest house. TV’s were turned to the weather channel to see when the cold
weather would break, if it would break at all. Outside, the occasional figure
could be seen struggling to cover pumpkin and squash crops to keep them from
One person was not bemoaning the cold, or watching TV. In
her room, Doris was idly flipping through a teen magazine, checking the stats
of her favorite popstar. Her only concession to the cold was the thick sweater
and heavy
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